Precision Professional Wallpaper Installation

Wallpaper Services

Residential Installation:

Whether you are a interior designer, custom home builder or a homeowner who insists on a quality product and professional workmanship, our craftsmen install residential wallcovering from basic installation to to grasscloth and other "high-end" wallcovering. We feel so confident about our work, we offer our clients a "lifetime warranty" on our installation. We carry General Liability Insurance.

Commercial Installation:

If you are a General Contractor or business owner, rely on Precision to get the job done for you! We do 54"vinyl for restaurants, dentist's offices, hotels, office complexes and more...on time and on budget! We carry General Liability Insurance.


Regardless of size or number of panels, our mural installation is unsurpassed...This is not your basic wallpaper job, technique and precise positioning is key when installing murals. This is not a "do it yourself" project. We are proud to have been selected to install the mural at the Perot Museum/Dallas.

Wallpaper repair:

Moving? Don't re-wallpaper that room if you don't have to...let us repair the damaged area and save you hundreds of dollars. Even if you dont have the original wallpaper, we use acrylics and art brushes to blend. We'll make it look like it never happened at a fraction of the cost. We repair damage from fire, water, pets and yes...our "picky" kids.

We Travel:

Our installers will travel regionally to get your project done, on schedule.

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